Blend America

Blend America is a clothing company known for its comfort and ability to be worn for both athletic and everyday purposes. Billy No, the designer and creator of Blend America is a sports and fitness enthusiast and wants his clothing to reflect that part of himself. Billy says of Blend America, that it is “my goal to provide affordable, comfortable athletic apparel”.  All of the clothing in the current line is extremely comfortable and the fit is amazing, flattering many different body types. So, regardless of whether you are an experienced athlete or just somebody looking for comfortable and practical clothes for everyday, there is something for you. With many of the Blend America products aimed specifically at the athletic community, it only makes sense that the newest line features a more sporty design.

The newest editions to the Blend America collection feature designs geared more specifically toward sports. There are four new T Shirt designs, all of which depict various sports including basketball, biking, BMX, and soccer. All of the shirts contain bright color blocked silhouettes and images depicting the specific activity. These vivid designs come at the perfect time fitting in aimlessly with the color blocking styles of the year. The combination of comfort, style, and an overall great fit makes Blend America really stand out among other casual and active wear lines. It seems that there are many great things to look forward to from Blend America, and the new sportier shirts are a fantastic start.

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