Highly Antimicrobial

The super-plant has super-powers!

Since hemp clothing is naturally antimicrobial, it’s able to stay smelling good for longer while also being able to resist any mold and mildew that comes along. This keeps your hemp clothing, as well as the surrounding clothes, from entering the smelly zone and staying fresh for an extended amount of time compared to other fabrics like cotton.


Strong as Nails

OK, maybe it’s not as strong as nails, but it sure is one of the most durable materials and the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet. The reason hemp is such a durable material is due to the nature of its fibers being rather long and highly coupled together. When you compare this to cotton, it’s a huge difference, but not a huge difference when compared to bamboo.

The strength of hemp directly translates over to hemp clothing because it ensures your clothes will be able to stand up to the elements more effectively than other fabrics. Rough and tumble activities are no match for the strength and durability of hemp, so you can rest assured that your hemp clothing will last a while.


Soft Feeling

We all know the feeling of touching and putting on exceptionally smooth clothing. The comfort level you experience with hemp clothing in terms of softness is excellent. It’s just one of those fabrics that looks and feels great, regardless of the thread count. The reason this is the case is due to the fineness of the hemp fibers.

The same number of thread count experienced with linen and cotton versus hemp produces a softer feeling for cloth! The higher the hemp content in your fabric, the higher the level of softness you’ll experience. Who wouldn’t want this?


Gets Softer over Time

Did you know that there are some fabrics out there that get softer with time? Well, hemp clothing belongs in that category! When I found this out, I was shocked. The truth is that as you continue to wash and wear your hemp clothing, the hemp fabric becomes softer and more comfortable.

This is by far, one of the unique qualities of hemp clothing and even where it differentiates itself from bamboo clothing. This tied with the strength and durability of hemp clothing lead me to believe (and experience!) the real value that hemp clothing has to offer.


Excellent Breathable and Insulation Properties

Some clothing fabrics are there to keep you warm in the Winter and others to keep you cool in Summer, but only a few can do both. Similar to bamboo, hemp clothing does just that. The unique structure of the cellulose fibers in hemp clothing produces the combination effect of breathability while being able to insulate at the same time.

This is a huge win, in my opinion, because hemp clothing can keep your right body temperature at the level it’s naturally settled at. This is not only useful for hemp clothing, but also hemp bed sheets, blankets, and pillows. In my opinion, hemp and bamboo bed sheets are much better than cotton bed sheets.


Water Absorbant

Staying dry can be tricky in some weather and even more delicate when wearing the wrong fabrics. Luckily for us, hemp clothing is one of the most water-absorbent clothes out there. There are, however, several other effects other than being able to keep us fresh and dry.

One of the best outcomes of hemp clothing being so water absorbent is that it efficiently retains color dyes. The reason this is an advantage is that hemp fabric can be blended almost perfectly with other materials that might not necessarily have all the positive qualities that hemp does. If it wasn’t water-absorbent, dying it would be tough, and this wouldn’t be as easy.


Fashionable All Season Long

We all want to look good all season long regardless of how warm or cold it is outside. Well, hemp clothing is so versatile in so many conditions that it’s a natural fit for any season. It’s one of the few fabrics that looks and feels excellent year-round, including bamboo clothing.

On top of that, more and more eco-friendly clothing brands are producing hemp clothing, which means there are a bunch of cool and fashionable designs out there for everyone. Regardless of your style, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits of wearing hemp clothing year-round.


Naturally Biodegradable

There are times when our clothes get stained beyond cleaning or just wear-out beyond repair. Sadly, this can mean that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to donate it to a family member, friend, or charity. Thankfully, hemp clothing is 100% naturally biodegradable, which means throwing it away isn’t the end of the world.


Efficient Fiber Production

Harvesting a plant that yields more pounds of fiber in the same amount of acres another plant is capable of is an efficiency advantage, which is why hemp can outcompete other similar plants. For the same amount of acres that cotton can grow, hemp can produce up to three times more fiber.

Being more efficient as a fiber producing plant is hugely beneficial to our planet and economy. Under these conditions, we’re able to more quickly and sustainably extract the necessary resources in a friendly way from our environment. And with hemp being a highly renewable resource, this bodes well for planet earth.

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